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But then SONY coming soon with TRILUMINOS display~ You can debate after that...Please be patient and wait for another few months~ See you after few months...=) If you wanna advertise AMOLED~ Please go back to your Sammy page... advice~ Before that he was like "AMOLED this AMOLED that"... There isnt too much difference in the performance of the same class phone. And I have chosen xz because it is the most beautiful phone ever produced.Actually not that i Phone 4 or 5 are not beautifull.depending on your use of the phone ,a day will come when u need to change the battery,and it is very easy in the galaxy s4. if your are not going to use phone covers ,i think that the chances of xperia z are better regarding surviving drops. first he battery does not last 2nd the touch screen seem retarded compared with iphone 5 and Sam 4.

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